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    The Crédit Mutuel CIC Group

    Banque Fédérative du Crédit Mutuel (BFCM)

    BFCM manages the general interests of the specialised branches of the group. Theses branches support the activity of the network in order to meet our clients' specific needs.

    CM-CIC Group

    BFCM is the financial instrument of the Group. It manages the Group's liquidities and is active on the financial markets. It is involved in the financing of large-scale projects and is developing the activity of financial engineering.

    BFCM is also the correspondent for our international partners.

    BFCM is rated on its financial performance by three main agencies. More information available on its site :


    Banque de l'Economie is the corporate bank of the Group for industrial and trading companies. The scope of its activities spans all over France. Present in Franfurt, Germany, it also manages international flows.

    Real Estate

    As a partner to private individuals, which finances them as homeowners, Credit Mutuel is a major player in the real estate market through a number of specialized subsidiaries : an estate agency, dealing in buildings and property, and real estate promotion and developpment.


    Bankinsurance is a major strategic focus for the Group. Crédit Mutuel pioneered bankinsurance in finance. Since 1971 it has distributed its insurance companies' life and property-casualty insurance products.

    Data processing

    Euro Information Production (EIP) is an economic interest group formed by Crédit Mutuel and CIC entities to handle their IT requirements. Euro Information includes all subsidiaries that specialise in IT: development and maintenance of processing software, remote protection of customer assets, processing of various payment methods (cheques, interbank payment orders, etc.) for Crédit Mutuel and external customers, and personalisation of cheques, bank cards and other items.

    Annual Report

    BECM Annual Report 2015

    rapportBECM_GB2015.pdf (PDF de 3639 Ko - s'ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre)
    BECM annual report 2015


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