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A different kind of bank.

A bank invented by its customers which grows with them and for them. This is both Crédit Mutuel's history and its raison d'être.

  • Different because it is a bank founded on a human value : mutualism.
  • Different because it has a unique way of operating, which is characterised by involving its member-customers : cooperation.

These major differences are the driving forces of its growth. Today Crédit Mutuel is the fourth biggest banking group in France.

The benefits of our difference

  • Performance
    The spirit of mutualism which drives all the elected members and employees of "THE bank to talk to" is expressed by availability and efficiency which is at the service of the 10.4 million customers who have chosen Crédit Mutuel.
  • Clarity
    The commitment to clarity allows you to decide in all confidence at the key points of your life. After that, everything is simple, professional and accessible, and we provide customised responses to all your projects.

Customer satisfaction : our barometer for a high-standard, trusting relationship.

Measured on a daily basis by your elected representatives and expressed each year when you attend Annual General Meetings, your satisfaction guides all our commercial activities : creation of efficient products and services at the best price.