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At the heart of its region

Who is Crédit Mutuel Océan?

As a partner in local and community life, Crédit Mutuel responds to all the economic and social players in the region.

With the combined force of its 112 local banks, Crédit Mutuel Océan radiates over the region and is the absolute embodiment of a local bank with a network of 190 branches located in the Vendée, Charente-Maritime and Deux-Sèvres regions.

The 1236 directors elected by the members, represent them at local banks and at federation level. They are committed to contributing to Crédit Mutuel Océan's development.

Each and every day our 1,431 employees* offer their experience and expertise to the half a million members and clients who have chosen "THE bank to talk to".

Crédit Mutuel Océan offers a full bancassurance service to its members and clients : naturally this includes individuals, but also farmers, craftsmen, companies, associations, local authorities and the professions…

The local Caisse is the pivotal point of the relationship with its clients. The efficient network of branches is supplemented by remote channels that include telephone, Minitel, Internet, Wap and i-mode™ services.


  • 34, rue Léandre Merlet
  • BP 17
  • 85 000 La Roche-sur-Yon
  • Cédex 27
  • Tel :
  • Fax :


  • Federal Chairman : Pierre ARRIVE

  • Chief Executive : Jean-Luc MENET


  • 72 banks in the Vendée region
  • 25 banks in the Charente-Maritime region
  • 15 banks in the Deux-Sèvres region

Key figures?

Deposits €  9.1 bn
Lending € 6,9 bn 
Number of customers 551 550
Number of branches 190
Number of employees 1 431