Your Daily Banking

Your projects in France (living, working, buying a home) require opening a French bank account. Crédit Mutuel proposes a large range of daily banking services to meet your needs.

Whether you are resident, non-resident or an investor, the French legislations stipulates certain criteria which must be respected. Please discuss this point with your advisor.

Check Account

The check account lets you receive your income and pay your bills. By providing your banking information (statement of account, IBAN), you can deposit your income by bank, check or cash deposit.

Crédit Mutuel proposes a free check book to pay your bills. Each month you’ll also receive a free account statement either by post or directly on your email.

Bank Card

The bank card is the most popular payment means in France, the Crédit Mutuel proposes a range of MasterCard and Visa bank cards using their version of direct and deferred debit. You can also benefit from the card-specific assistance insurances and services.

With the “Assur Carte” insurance contrat, we look after any fraudulent use following the loss or theft of your payment means, as well as helping replace any official papers or keys lost at the same time.

Account Management

To follow-up on, and manage your accounts online, we propose “Contrat de Banque à Distance CMUT Direct”, an online banking contract.

Using Internet on your computer, your mobile telephone, Smartphone or other touch-screen pads, you can check your bank accounts; transfer money between your accounts or elsewhere in France or abroad.

You can also make savings and loan simulations, subscribe to products and services, calculate insurance estimates and subscribe if it suits you.

Our call centre sales agents are at your disposal for information and advice, to carry out banking transactions or subscribe to products or services.

Document Via Internet

Your bank documents (account statements, etc) are at your disposal in PDF format on Internet and kept for 10 years!

A free service which replaces sending by post to your home outside of France.