Your Mobile Telephone

You’ve decided to make France your new home but you’re still using your country’s telephone operating services, and you notice your bills are becoming more and more expensive. Don’t you think it’s time to choose a French mobile telephone operator?

Whether you are resident, non-resident or an investor, the French legislations stipulates certain criteria which must be respected. Please discuss this point with your advisor.


Are you always on your mobile phone and you wish you didn’t have to think about the cost? Send text messages, surf on the Net, check and send emails, use application software?

Our unlimited access packages are right up your alley! With our Crédit Mutuel Mobile packages, you get everything for hardly anything! You can also benefit from numerous banking services.

Limited Access Packages

Telephone, surf, check your emails and use mobile application software … but with no surprises at the end of the month!

Crédit Mutuel proposes a large range of limited access packages using standard mobile features without ruining your budget.

No-Obligation Packages

Neither you nor your children use the mobile phone a lot. You don’t want to feel tied down by a mobile telephone package with obligation-filled contracts.

Crédit Mutuel proposes obligation-free mobile telephone packages using rechargeable pre-paid cards. What better way to manage you telephone budget?

Banking With Your Mobile Telephone

Do you want to have permanent access to your accounts? With our exclusive banking services included in your package, Crédit Mutuel allows you to use mobile technologies for easier financial management on a daily basis.

With your Contrat de Banque à Distance (online banking contract), you can check your bank accounts, transfer money between your accounts or elsewhere, in France or abroad on your computer, mobile telephone, Smartphone or other touch-screen pads.

Choosing your Mobile Telephone

With a camera, flash, touch-screen, MP3, embedded video games...

Our Mobile Telephone Boutique is sure to have the perfect one for you. Make your choice starting from 1 €, and according to your designated mobile telephone package.

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Insure Your Mobile

In France there are around 200,000 thefts annually – don’t take the risk of having your own telephone stolen. Or what if it breaks due to a clumsy accident?

With the contract “Protec Mobile”, insure your mobile for worry-free usage.