Your Savings

France is where you’ve decided to settle. You have projects requiring money. So the solution is to invest all, or some, of your savings in our country. Crédit Mutuel proposes a whole range of investments adapted to your needs.

Whether you are resident, non-resident or an investor, the French legislations stipulates certain criteria which must be respected. Please discuss this point with your advisor.

Your Available and Secured Savings

In France, you can save money in accounts which pay interest to your savings every fortnight (from 1 to 15 and from 16 to 31 of each month). These investments are regulated like the “Livret Bleu”, “Livret de Développement Durable”, “Livret d'Épargne Populaire”, “Livret Jeune” (for 12 to 25 year olds), allows you to receive a guaranteed interest – fixed by decree – and your money is available at any time.

Should you wish to have a savings account for a housing project, you can use the “Compte d'Épargne Logement”, which works in the same way as the “Plan d'Épargne Logement”, where you must regularly deposit money.

You can also invest your savings with deposit certificates (or fixed deposits) with Crédit Mutuel’s “Gamme Tonic” for a defined time period at a defined interest rate.

Otherwise, within the framework of French insurance legislation, you can invest your savings in a life insurance contract “Plan Assurance Vie”, either with secured investment product in euros, or with investment products (mutual funds) based on stock exchange markets, with no capital guaranteed.

The main advantage of Life Insurance is to transfer money (subject to all legal and fiscal reservations, not including inheritance rights), to the person of your choice.

Your Investments

Do you want to diversify your investments and encourage higher return rates, whilst being aware that there are always risks for the capital?

Crédit Mutuel allows you to invest on financial markets with securities accounts or with the “Plan d'Épargne en Actions”, where you can invest in European values, benefiting from fiscal advantages.

The CM-CIC Asset Management specialists have designed and made available a whole range of “Fonds communs de Placement” (a.k.a. FCP – Common Investment Funds – ) which allow you to invest in various economic sectors in France, Europe or worldwide, according to your goals.

To get the best from your holdings, your Crédit Mutuel advisor is available to discuss the best ways to invest your capital.

Account Management

To follow and manage your accounts online, subscribe to the “Contrat de Banque à Distance” (online banking contract).

With Internet, you can check your bank accounts, transfer money between your accounts or elsewhere, in France or abroad on your computer, mobile telephone, smartphone or other touch-screen pads.

You can also make savings simulations and subscribe directly online for a “Livret Bleu”, “Livret de Développement Durable”, etc.

On the Website you can also consult any economic and financial information and manage your security holdings directly online.

Our call centre sales agents are at your disposal for information and advice, to carry out banking transactions or subscribe to products or services.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is another investment means with common investment funds within an attractive financial framework.