Your Insurance Contracts

Home, car, family, health, dog and cat – whether you’re in your own country or in France, you need to be protected from life’s ups and downs and their financial consequences. For over 40 years Crédit Mutuel has been insuring people and their possessions and proposes you a large range of insurance contracts suited to your needs.

Whether you are resident, non-resident or an investor, the French legislations stipulates certain criteria which must be respected. Please discuss this point with your advisor.

Car Insurance

With the Crédit Mutuel Car Insurance Contract, you have all the basic guarantees: civil liabilities for material and physical damage to third parties, litigation and arbitration after an accident. To this you may add other guarantees such as: theft, fire, broken glass, natural forces, natural and technological catastrophes, and all accident damage.

With its 3 options of “Access”, “Liberty” and “Privilege”, you create your own car insurance contract, choosing the guarantees, aids and items you need.

Home Insurance

Our Home Insurance Contract includes your civil liability and covers you against fires, explosions, storms, broken glass, and theft.

You choose the level of guarantees required for your needs and your budget. For example the guarantee “All Risk” for your home furnishings and real-estate, “Electrical Damage” for your household appliances, TV, hi-fi system, video and even the guarantee “All risks musical instruments” covering theft, deterioration and breaking in all closed areas…

Family Protection

Death, illness, work absence, disability… to protect yourself and your family, Crédit Mutuel has designed tailored solutions.

In the event of absence from work, compensation from “Plan Prévoyance” will be a saving grace. An insurance contract which even organizes deposit of capital in the event of death.

To prevent financial surprises after trivial daily-life accidents, protect yourself and your loved ones with “Assurance des Accidents de la Vie” (Life Accidents Insurance).

In the event of disputes, we propose the “Protection Juridique” (Legal Protect) insurance contract. A team of lawyers will back you to resolve claims with an out-of-court settlement if possible, or will present you to an attorney-at-law should a legal procedure be required.

After a death, people are faced with multiple administrative formalities along with a fair number of expenses. “Sécuritys” insurance contract takes care of everything: capital payment, delivery of the deceased wishes, and help with required paperwork.

Life Insurance

Within the framework of French insurance legislation, you can invest your savings in a life insurance contract “Plan Assurance Vie”, either with secured investment product in euros, or with investment products (Mutual Funds) based on stock exchange markets, with no capital guaranteed.

The main advantage of life insurance is to transfer money, subject to all legal and fiscal reservations, not including inheritance rights, to the person of your choice.